Carolina Metals Group or CMG for short, has many years of experience in Scrap Metal Recycling. We specialize in purchasing scrap metal from the general public as well as extend our capabilities to commercial and industrial customers. Utilizing this combination of capabilities and experience we are able to offer competitive pricing and an unmatched service experience.

The structure of CMG is composed of knowledgeable employees that are eager and prepared to assist you at all times. We have teams covering dispatch, material grading and buying, machine operators, shipping and receiving, health and safety, and an office staff who are all encouraged to work together in order to provide outstanding service.

In addition to its’ staff, CMG possesses multiple tools and equipment that aide in scrap metal purchases. One such tool is our Metal Analyzer Gun which allows us to quickly identify scrap metals such as the different grades of stainless steel. Another vital piece of equipment we utilize is a fully integrated scrap purchasing software. This software is used through touch screen monitors at our purchase stations and then accessed by our office staff who then pay the customer for their material. This process all but eliminates human error and decreases delays per scrap metal transaction.

Another reason to choose CMG for your scrap metal needs is our vast array of equipment available to commercial customers. This matched with a growing fleet of trucks operated by experienced CDL drivers and there is no job CMG can’t handle.