Scrap Metal Recycling

Carolina Metals Group (CMG) specializes in scrap metal recycling! We purchase scrap metals of all types and work to provide efficient solutions to both our industrial and drive-in customers. Our mission statement here at CMG is “CMG is a Scrap Metal service provider who realizes that making an acceptable profit margin is very important to our business; however, gaining our customers’ trust and confidence by providing a high level of comfort with our service responsibilities is absolutely critical to the survival of our company.”

What is Scrap Metal Recycling?

Scrap metal recycling is a process that recovers scrap metal pieces from products or structures that are no longer being used. These scrap metal pieces are then used and introduced as a raw materials in the construction of a new good. A benefit of recycling metal is that it can be recycled continuously with no deprivation of its properties. Recycling scrap metal also offers a considerably lower carbon footprint and more efficient usage of resources than new materials that are being used. Along with the environmental benefits, scrap metal recycling is also an exceptionally powerful economic activity.

Carolina Metals Group buys all types of scrap metal parts. Different types of metals that are commonly recycled include copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, carbon steel, carbide, and specialty alloys. Carolina Metals Group also provides competitive prices for our customers based off the most current metal markets in North Carolina. If you are interested in selling scrap metal to Carolina Metals Group and need additional help distinguishing your metal material type, visit our website for more information or contact us directly and we will gladly assist you.

Carolina Metals Group has many years of experience in the field of scrap metal recycling. We specialize in purchasing scrap metal products from the general public as well as commercial and industrial customers. In addition to our knowledgeable employees, we also obtain multiple tools and equipment that aide in scrap metal purchases. Overall, there is no job Carolina Metals Group cannot handle. We look forward to assisting you with scrap metal recycling! Contact us today to get started at 704-827-1985.